Blow dry from£25
Shampoo and set from£24
Trim and blow dry from£45
Cut and blow dry from£60
Trim, shampoo & set from£40
Blow dry, long hair£30
Straightening(with all cuts £ blow dry)£8 extra
Wash and cut from£36
Wash and trim from£27
Children over 11£21
Children under 11£15
Children under 5£10
Dressing hair including all clips£40
Wedding hair (practice included) from£90
Stand-alone Conditioning or Colour Definition treatment£15
Cap highlights from£65
Foil highlights from£95
Foil shoulder length from£105
Foil below shoulder length from£135
Toners on foils£35 extra
Toners, trim & B/W£65
Front toners, cut & B/W£82
Perms - including all products +S/S or B/Wfrom £69


Half head foils with cut & B/W£90
Tints from (includes cut & finish)£65
Tints with foils short hair full head£125
Tint with foils long hair full head£160
Tint with foils extra long hair full head£185
Toner with foils short head£105
Long hair toner & foils£160
Bleach and Toner£120
Top foils£30
Own colour£15
Wash and trim£25
Wash, trim and B/D£30
Dry Trim£20